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The role of the pharmaceutical industry

The role of the pharmaceutical industry

Nowadays, the majority of the population has a negative image about pharmaceutical companies and does not see all the advances that this industry has made for society. That is why we want to show you periodic progress of Spanish health indicators.
Today we wanted to talk about life expectancy in Spain, the second country with the highest life expectancy of the OECD

By way of explanation, life expectancy is the classic way of approaching the health status of the population. It is an indicator that reflects not only the level of health, but the social, economic and health level of a specific place. The life expectancy at an age “X” is the average of the number of years that an individual of that age “X” is expected to live, if the current trends in the specific mortality rates by age are maintained. It is a hypothetical measure, since it does not measure the real probabilities of survival.

In 55 years, life expectancy has increased a total of 14.27 years due to new drugs launched in that period. Pharmaceutical innovation generates a social value. Note that only in 2015, a total of 59 new drugs were approved in the AEMPS () both for the treatment and for the diagnosis of diseases.

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