ABAMED PHARMA has an unrivaled experience in all aspects of pharmaceutical development that allow us to offer our customers an extensive portfolio of innovative products.

The laboratory is mainly focused on the development, manufacture and commercialization of dermatological medicines and ophthalmic products, but our competitive portfolio also includes other therapeutic groups such as analgesics and antiplatelets.

Our deep knowledge and commitment to innovation, acquired during two decades of hard work, are the secrets of the commercial success of Abamed Pharma products.


More than 10 years of experience guarantee our know-how to satisfy the needs of healthcare professionals and patients.


The heart and soul of the company is our professional team of highly qualified chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


We contribute to a health system improvement through the manufacture of high quality affordable medicines.

Quality assurance

We comply the GMP standards  (Good Manufacturing Practice) and work according to the guidelines of good manufacturing practices for pharmaceutical products.


The contribution to the Society to improve their quality of life through the improvement of accessibility to the drugs.


Our vision is to be established as the leader in the generic, ophthalmic and dermatological pharmaceutical companies in Spain.


Our values are firm and focused on integrity and honesty, passion, quality, collaboration and concern for society.


years of experience in the sector

qualified professionals


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